Hypnotherapy Services

Is Hypnotherapy For You?


Therapeutic hypnosis is a guided, cooperative session between the therapist and client. Although sometimes referred to as a type of sleep or a trance, hypnosis actually is an increased state of awareness, opening access to the subconscious mind. Because clients remain fully aware of what is said and done during each session, they sometimes aren't sure they've even been hypnotized. Some describe their first hypnosis experience as "daydreaming" or meditating. Nearly all end each session with a deep sense of inner calm and with renewed enthusiasm for taking on life's challenges.

In hypnosis, each of us will have an experience that is individual and unique. We'll experience varying levels of hypnosis, from a subtle "daydream" state to very deep hypnosis. Your first hypnotic experience may be somewhat light, with deeper levels attained as the process becomes more familiar. Some people are fortunate to attain very deep levels of hypnosis from their first session, although the quality of results doesn't depend upon the level of hypnosis.

While much can be (and has been) said about "stage hypnosis," hypnotherapy is very different. We all have seen or heard stories of stage hypnotists and their "subjects" who perform antics in front of an audience while under the "control" of the hypnotist. Upon "awakening" from a "trance," the subjects appear unaware of the entertainment they've just provided and don't understand why the audience is laughing. In a cooperative process, clients in hypnotherapy sessions never are under the control of the therapist, although the term "trance" often is used to describe the state of hypnosis. On the contrary, two-way communication is open during sessions and clients never are asked to do anything they don't want to do. In fact, even while in deep hypnosis, our subconscious minds won't allow us to do anything against our own will!

How can hypnotherapy help you? Here are just a few of the ways:

Self Hypnosis. Individual or class instruction provides a springboard for successful self hypnosis experience.
Relaxation and Stress Relief. Release unhealthy stress to increase your personal and professional power and effectiveness. Learn to find your inner calm and quickly ground yourself during even the most stressful times.
Pain Relief. Experience the joy of health and physical comfort.
Self Discovery. Find out "what makes you tick." Take paths to self improvement and increased success.
Focus. Think and learn quickly, retain critical information, say the right things, ask the right questions.
Athletic Performance. Stay grounded, improve focus. Prepare yourself mentally as thoroughly as you prepare yourself physically.
Self Image. Learn what you like about yourself, and how those qualities will make you successful.
Insomnia. Go to sleep easily, sleep peacefully, awaken refreshed. Sound easy? It can be.
Phobias and Situational Discomfort. Take control of your fear of flying, enclosed spaces, crowds or anything else, and find comfort in any environment.
Destructive Behavior. Manage how you feel and react in any situation. Increase your personal power by being in control at all times.
Habits and Addiction. Live smoke, alcohol, and drug free. Cooperatively develop a plan for YOU to begin a healthy new life.
Weight Management. Be in control of a sustainable, healthy life and still enjoy every bite you eat.